Thorough & Reliable Chimney Inspections In Dover 

Annual chimney inspections are vital to health and efficiency of your chimney system. Our certified and trained professionals can thoroughly inspect every part of your chimney system to ensure it’s safe and in optimal condition. There are three different levels of chimney inspection, and depending on the level of care you have given it over the years, this also determines which level of inspection your chimney needs. Let our professionals inspect your chimney today!

The three levels of chimney inspections:

  • Level 1 – A level one inspection is needed as a regular check up for your chimney system. If you take care of your chimney regularly, then this is the inspection for you. Our professionals evaluate all visible part of your chimney from top to bottom to check for sign of damages.
  • Level 2 – A level two inspection is a little more in depth look into your chimney system. In addition to checking over the visible part of your chimney system, we also use a video camera to examine the inside of your chimney system to check for damages. You need a level two inspection if you are buying or selling your house, made changes to your appliance, or if you have seen noticeable damages.
  • Level 3 – A level three inspection is the most invasive and is rarely needed. This inspection is used to fully investigate the source of damages that are hard to detect. It usually requires the removal of parts of your chimney to further look into the source of the problem.

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