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As recommended by organizations such as the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), it is important to keep up with your annual chimney sweeping for the safety of your home and efficiency of your fireplace. With each fire you burn, it is accumulating substances like soot, creosote, carbon monoxide, and ash. These buildups worsen overtime, and chimney sweepings are the best way to ensure your fireplace is safe!

Reasons to get a chimney sweeping:

  • Hazardous byproducts buildup – Each fire you burn inside your fireplace, It accumulates harsh byproducts like soot, creosote, carbon monoxide, and ash. These buildup is not only bad for your system, but they are also flammable and dangerous. Our chimney sweeps are able to clear all dangerous buildup.
  • Smoke backup – Smoke along with other harmful substance such as carbon monoxide can easily back up inside your home, if your flue is restricted and blocked. A chimney cleaning ensure the smoke from your fires have a clear path to escape.
  • Poor chimney system health – With regular chimney maintenance and sweepings, you chimney can withstand the test of time and last a long time. However, if you neglect to take care of your chimney, this can cause your chimney’s health to deteriorate.
  • Increased chance of fire – A chimney fire is hidden most of the time, but it can cause lots of damages to your system and home. It also leads to lots of expensive repairs.

Don’t let your chimney put you and your family and home in danger, let our certified and knowledgeable team of professionals clean your chimney today. Call 302-729-6112 now or schedule your appointment online now!

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