Professional Chimney & Masonry Repairs in Dover

A deteriorating masonry chimney is unsightly and also put your lovely ones in danger. All of our team members are certified and trained by the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and they are able to handle all of your masonry repairs. Call our professionals today to get started on those repairs now!

We perform the following masonry repairs:

  • Smoke chamber parging – your smoke chamber helps to funnel smoke up and out of your chimney, but it can’t do this job properly if your smoke chamber is cracked, jagged, or clogged. Our professionals can smooth out your smoke chamber with our techniques -parging- and tools to ensure your fireplace is safe again.
  • Damper repair & installation – Dampers can open and close the flue of your chimney, and they are used to help save money and energy inside your home. However, dampers can break, rust, and just not a great job of sealing your chimney. Our professionals can repair it or install a new top-mounted damper.
  • Tuckpointing – Overtime, the masonry of your chimney deteriorates and become cracked and crumble. This causes serious issues and weakens the structure of your chimney. Our professionals can apply our tuckpointing skills to repair your masonry and restore the structural integrity and beauty of it.
  • Chimney rebuilds – If your masonry chimney is damaged beyond repairs, our experts can rebuild your chimney from the ground up.
  • Chimney relining – The chimney liner protects your system and home from harmful things such as hot embers, byproducts, and gases by ushering them up and out of the chimney. We can restore your damaged liner with our durable stainless steel liner.
  • Chimney leaks – Over time, water inevitably invades your chimney system to cause deterioration throughout. We offer a multitudes of repairs for leaks to help your system fight back against water invasions such as flashing repair, crown repair, and waterproofing.

Whether it’s your chimney crown, flashing, chimney liner, masonry, or anything else, call our experts today to address all of your chimney and masonry repairs at 302-729-6112!

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